Emotional Energy is Gas in the Tank.

Your energy is gas in the tank.

Use your energy, whatever it is, as production fuel--like gas in your tank.

Sometimes, we are consumed with emotional energy. When we feel the extreme heat of anger, resentment or the heavy feelings of depression, sorrow or grief, we are experiencing emotional energy.

Whatever energy you are experiencing, you can transform it into a more useful energy—an energy that will enable you to be productive.

Energy is energy and can serve as gas in our mental tanks. Anger can serve as a great source of fuel, as angry energy runs hot. Hot burning energy is a motivating type. It is an energy that can lead you towards action.

The opposite energies (the “negative” ones), if properly transformed, can be used to inspire greater insight and perspective.

Whatever energy you are feeling, you can transform it into a useful, productive energy. How? Focus your mind and put yourself into action, using whatever energy you feel as your fuel.

Once you are committed to a course of action, you begin to develop momentum.

Once some momentum is developed, you are in motion.

Here is an exercise:

When you feel the hot energy of anger, try to have the mental awareness to pull your ego out of the equation. Rather than letting your anger control you, decide for yourself that you will control it. Just as the archetypal character of The Wizard does, transform an undesirable circumstance into a useful one. Use that energy to organize your office space, to write a chapter of your book, pick up the phone and make the ten calls you need to make. The key is to let that energy be present (rather than pushing it down or trying to rid yourself of it) and to remain present (so that you do not end up endlessly looping thoughts, obsessively).

Energy is energy is energy.

Jim Hart is the founder of the new Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, as well as The Hart Technique, The International Theatre Academy Norway and Sleeping Hero Productions.


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