The Tiger Raised by Sheep

One of my favorite stories is an Indian tale about a little tiger who loses his parents at birth. This poor baby tiger wandered around for some time, looking for his mommy and came upon a flock of sheep. Now, this little baby tiger was not threatening to these sheep. So, they took in the tiger and raised it as their own.

This tiger grew large, as tiger’s are want to do. But, instead of feasting on food that other tigers eat, it ate grass…just like the sheep.

One day, a big male adult tiger was hunting and came upon the sheep. Its eyes, sticking just above the grass, the big male scanned the flock, looking for the tastiest meal and what did this hungry tiger see? He saw a big adolescent tiger eating grass and when this adolescent tiger paused, it would lift up its head and say, “BAaAaaaAAAaaa”.

“Oh no”, thought the adult tiger. At once, he pounced into the herd, as though having come from a cannon filled with springs. The adult cat easily nabbed two sheep at once! The junior tiger looked up at the adult and…gulp, swallowed his grass.

The big male sauntered over to the cat and said, “Kid. What happened”? All the young tiger could respond with was, “BAaAaaaAAAaaa”.

The adult male thought to himself, “This is totally unacceptable” and he took that young tiger back to his cave. First thing he did upon arrival, was to open up one of the sheep he had nabbed. The adult tiger shoved a paw full of meat into the young tiger’s mouth. Having never tasted meat in his whole tiger life, do you know what he did? He through up all over the cave floor.

Well, in time, our young friend grew accustom to the taste of the Tiger’s diet. He ate meat hardily and happily. He learned to silently hunt, to be still, and to attack with ferocity and suddenness. Perhaps most impressive, our big tiger friend learned to open up his jaws and roar, a roar that could reverberate throughout the fullness of the jungle and shake every animal to its core. In time, that young tiger grew into a very large adult and roamed and ruled its territory as every tiger so desires.


Have you grown up eating grass and have come to know the way of the sheep?

Have you come to know your nature? Have you tasted its diet? If you are like the little tiger in this tale, you may have, upon first taste, rejected that which is for you (remember he throws up the very thing he needs in a tiger diet). But…in time he learns to roar.

Do you BAaahaahahahaa or do you roar?

Jim Hart


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