Independence, Together.

What does this phrase mean to you?

For me, the goal is not just independence, but independence while working together–within, for and with one´s community.

Independence, Together.

How do you define “Independence”?

What does “Independence, Together” mean to you?

Let´s begin a dialog. I want to read your comments, which can be made below.

Let´s get a conversation going.

Independence, Together.

Jim Hart is the founder of Austin Conservatory of Professional Arts, a full-time training program in Entrepreneurial Arts technique, teaching artists how to make a living in the arts. Hart has also founded The International Theatre Academy Norway and The Hart Technique.


3 thoughts on “Independence, Together.

  1. I like Ben’s coat. Everyone is super colorful, but Ben has spots, too.

    Independence, Together. I like the sound of that.

    Here is my definition “Each person acting out of themselves, serving each other”.

    Hope that helps.


  2. Independence for me, is when i have so much control over my goals, values, desires and needs that i am able to fulfill them, a sense of freedom and personal strength. However, without being able to do anything about those plans unless i become “interdependent”. Interdependence opens up a sea of possibility and energy that possibly can be at your disposal. The word “Independence” can seem isolating because it sounds like we are turned into little islands. Independence is achieved by being able to be proactive as an individual wheras interdependency is the principle of being proactive within a group of people- Being able to be a driving force within a community of people.
    But before interdependence can be achieved, independence has to be in place. The act of achieving merely independence and freedom of thought is a giant step towards becoming individualized and able to see things from a third person perspective. There is a quote i would like to share here… “There can be no friendship without confidence. And no confidence without integrity”. The essens of this is that we need personal strength in order to become interdependent. Because if we don’t have integrity or confidence we will not be able to elicit the needs of the people we want to co-operate with. Dealing with other people needs to be an act of “understanding”. We need see things in a win-win perspective. Not win-lose or lose-win for that matter. It has to be truly beneficial for all party’s in order for interdependence to be in place.

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