The Value of Good Will

The Value of Good Will.

When I was living in Norway, I had many conversations with my wife’s grandmother. Her name is Jorunn Kirkenaer and she is an icon and legend of Norwegian dance and choreography. I feel safe calling her a diva and do so with great respect.

Jorunn built many schools in her long life. She was a pioneer. Not only did she build a career in such a dynamic way as a woman, but did it as a woman in the 1940’s through 90’s. She has built colleges and private schools. She even has a dance line in her name at a high school and her techniques are used throughout Norway. The King of Norway, for contribution to Norwegian culture. twice has honored her. This woman served as my mentor in the four years we lived there. She is an amazing person, amazing teachers and has inspired me tremendously. I felt like Arthur to her Merlin.

Jorunn would often speak about the nature of good will. Goodwill is built over years, but can be destroyed in seconds. As a businessperson, you do things for others, out of good will. You want to cultivate this good will, she would say. Giving that good will, it will return to you. Violating good will can kill what good will exists. Investing in relationships will create a sense of loyalty between both partners. I would typically translate this to mean serve others and they will serve you. Build trust with others, and mutual trust can evlovle.

I found a similar phenomenon when living in Asia. They call it “giving face”. To give someone face, you actively give him or her respect. You actively endow them with qualities of goodness. You make them feel powerful…a.k.a. “good”.

People want to help those they know, like and trust.

My Texan Mama used to tell me the golden rule all the time. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

This same principle is found in all religions of the world.

The reason this idea is found in so many cultures is because it is a universal, common human value and truth.

Treat others, as you want to be treated. What goes around, comes around.

That is just the way things work.

As cliché and as simple as it sounds, this simple principle is vital to your success in being an entrepreneur. Give people positive energy and they will want to exchange positive energy. Act in a negative fashion or with negative intention…and you get the idea.


One thought on “The Value of Good Will

  1. This is so true. Jorunn was always generating positive energy, and so too the Titan Theater School (with Jim and Kristina giving everyone good vibes). I was just thinking about it today, how much negativeness there is in just every day conversation. It is as if negativeness has almost a manner of expression. This is one cliche worth taking to heart. (No pun intended)

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